Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four months later, still going strong!

Okay, so it's been AGES since my last post and there is NO way I'll remember everything that has happened.. but, I'll throw in what I can!

In October I attended my cousin Allison's wedding, and it was small but lovely! I love weddings and can't wait for one of my own! Allison and Josh are now expecting their first child, though he's been deployed. :( Hard times for a military wife, but she knew what she was getting in to. Oh, I also bought a new car in October! A 2009 bright red limited edition (6 series) Scion Xb. It's AWESOME, and I adore it!!

In November I went to sight see in NYC for the first time! It was everything I dreamt and more! I think I did everything you could do in Manhattan, all in less than two days! I reccommend going there to anyone that hasn't already!

In December my boyfriend came to visit again! Everytime I see him coming out of customs at the airport I lose my breath and my heart skips a beat. The next time I see him I'll be the one coming out of customs in LONDON! Anyhoo, while here was here we went to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers/Packers game and then to see a Penguins/Devils game! It was definitley a BLAST! We got to walk around the city and take in some sights too. After that we spent our first Christmas together. We house hopped all day, but it was well worth it to see everyone! Then came new years! Our first new years together was the best I've ever had. We spent it in VA Beach with some friends at Sharx. There was a live band, lots of dancing, and of course lots of drinking. I couldn't have spent it in better company, and it was the only way I could've started my year! He flew home in mid January and I'm counting the days until I see him again. I can't wait to see London and Paris (amoungst other places) with him. He's my best friend, my love, and personal tour guide! :)

In January I got to hang out with some old friends because one of their moms is getting married! We all came in town for a wedding shower, and we had a BLAST!! It's alway like a crazy reunion when we all get together! The wedding is later this month, the day before my 3 day ski trip! WOOOO!
Other than that Maryland has had LOADS of snow lately. People are blaming me saying that when I moved down here from Maine I brought the snow with me! lol I love it though! It's beautiful!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

...and life continues!

Wow, I've really been slacking on here! Lets catch up a little!
Since the last post, I've moved to Maryland! I'm only an hour and a half away from where I grew up now! It's nice to be able to just visit whenever I like. :) I took a journey down to Tennessee to visit my mom and pick up my Gixxie girl, and spent some time in Massanutten, VA with the rest of my family in July... it was FABULOUS!
My new apartment is okay, the people above me are a little noisy, but nothing too bad... I expected it at least. I do miss my cozy apartment in Maine though! I miss the land, the privacy and the horses, and my neighbors so much! Time brings changes though.
Work is going well. I'm learning to work on helicopters now, as well as various fixed wing aircrafts too... it's a little more hectic than I thought shore duty was supposed to be!
Other than that, my boyfriend visited me for a whole month recently! He actually just flew out this evening.. :( We did SO many fun things... Kings Dominion, two days in DC, visits with family, etc... Good times all around! I even managed to hitch a ride in a helicopter AND a BI-PLANE! IT WAS AWESOME!
Anyhoo, I won't see my hunny again until sometime in December now... but, work, Gixxie, and trips home will keep me occupied until then I suppose!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Leaving Maine Soon....

2 of my 3 nephews! They're getting SO big!!
Everyone out bowling, it was like a reunion!! (left to right)
Rob, Mike, Robbie, JP, Me, Kayla, Nikkie, Katie, then Kayla's husband and daughter! :)

So, I've been home stateside in Maine for over a month now, and besides the rain, it's been amazing! I haven't seen sunshine in so long, it's pretty depressing. It's even supposed to rain ALL day tomorrow for the holiday! :(

Other than that, things are great! I was recently down in VA/MD for a week to find an apartment and check out the base and area I'm moving too. The good news is I got a decent apartment for a good price, and I get to pick of Gixxie this month!!!! I haven't seen my dog in almost 9 months now, I CANNOT wait to go get her! I feel a little bad because my mother has gotten really attached to her... but, I warned her I'd be coming back for her! Also, while I was in Virginia I caught up with LOADS of old friends! It was so much fun!

So, all in all my life is great! I've paid off my car... so I have no debt! :) I'm excited about moving to a new squadron with several new aircraft, and I'm excited about my new place! I have amazing friends and amazing family, a wonderful dog, and the most amazing boyfriend ever!! Life is good!!! I will truly miss Maine, but I'll be living a mere hour and a half from home now! YAY!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Home sweet home!

So... I'm home! It's so glorious too! It was chilly and raining when we landed, and that was MORE than welcome! Anyhoo, let me start by saying Gary and I called a quits, my life got a little complicated and I decided it was time to take a step back and figure things out. We're still friends though, at least email buddies sometimes. LOL Other than that, things are good. Home is beautiful and GREEN, my friends and family are wonderful... I even had a guest for the first week I was home! It was nice having comapny! My house is so empty without my dog, I can't pick her up until July/Aug!! Ummm.... my birthday went well, got home just in time and a bunch of us went out all dressd up for dinner. Good times! Well, I guess thats it for now!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

So, another month has passed out here... and boy it's getting HOT! My air conditioner has been broken for a couple weeks now and it's terrible. I'm working nights, so trying to sleep during the day my room easily hits over 100 degrees! Sleep is imposible. Hopefully someone will actually show up to fix it sometime soon.

Other than that, things are going well. Gary is still here, but not for much longer. He got extended for a bit, but, that time has wound down too and we must say goodbye. :( ..for now. :) I know each day that goes by though is another day closer to seeing him again! I can't wait!

I guess thats it for now, a couple more months in the desert then I'm on my way home! :) I'm trying to get orders to Maryland, so wish me luck on that!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest News

^ The most thoughtful Valentines gift ever! <3 (I'd have to explain it to you)

One of many sandstorms out here.

So, I'm still over here in the desert... I've been trying to post for awhile, but it's hard to figure out how to log in with everything in arabic. LOL Anyhoo, we're about halfway through our deployment now... we had a cookout today to celebrate. Too bad it's all the same nasty food we have to eat everyday anyways.

The days are passing pretty quickly over here, though right now I wish they would just slow down a bit. Gary, (the British fellow from my last post), is leaving in about two weeks.... I swear the days are just flying right now. :( I can't stand the thought of him leaving, but, I know everything will be fine... just three more lonely months in the desert for me, then back stateside... then maybe a visit to the UK ;)

I guess thats it for now, I think I've figured out the easiest way to log in on here, so hopefully I'll keep up better!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deployment Update!

So, I've been in the Middle East for two months now, we're one thrid of the way through! YAY! Things are rolling right along out here, everyday is the same, and the hours are long which makes the days blur together, but they go by fast at the same time.

Now, the real update... Anthony and I parted ways, as of the beginning of December. He's a great person, just not for me. Ironically, just weeks later I met a really sweet guy at the gym. It's crazy how when you least expect someone to walk into you life, there they are. I'm trying to take things slow, trying not to get in too deep (though I think it's already too late). He's from England, so, yeah... it's not going to be easy... but, I've found the best things in life are worth fighting for!

I guess thats it for now, I've got to get back to work!!